Ballad of Blackbeard Lawler

Rarely a production company will be given the creative freedom to invest a full amount of ability mixed with passion to produce such a project as this.  It was one of the most rewarding experiences; an honor, to be allowed the opportunity to take a great band, and a great song, and turn it into a fully scripted music video.  This was a story of revenge, with fun twists along the way.

The Ballad of Blackbeard Lawler (Music Video – 7:27):

The making of:

And the release party (part 1 of 2):

(Part 2 of 2):

It was a full quality production, with actors and crew, a sell out show with a custom drink menu, and DVDs and Posters.  We were allowed to film in such historical places as The Union Hotel in Los Alamos and The Santa Ynez Valley Historical Museum.  And how could we forget the horse? (who was unharmed during production and had a great time himself).

Who says you can’t have fun in business?