Deneco Productions Full Portfolio

KHIZ TV – Inland Empire [link]
Television news segments
Filming production provided by Deneco Productions
Comedian provided by Deneco Productions

SBiTV – Santa Barbara Internet Television [link]
Video Editing and Web
Some hosts and voice actors provided by Deneco Productions
Round Table Pizza Commercial
Artisan Pizza promo
Script by Aj DeNecochea IV

Carls Jr Commercial & Training Video [link]
M&M Milkshake Script by Aj DeNecochea IV
Some actors provided by Deneco Productions

Solutions For Dreamers Festival [link]
Matthew McAvene
Earth Day Show at Arlington Theatre, Santa Barbara
Behind the scenes footage and puppeteer provided by Deneco Productions

Ballad Of Blackbeard Lawler Premier
Hosted at Green Room in Santa Barbara
Promotion and setup by Deneco Productions

Deneco Productions Promotional Video
Used at Ballad Of Blackbeard Lawler Premier

Gomez Landscaping Commercial
Produced, Shot, Edited by Deneco Productions
Voiceover actors provided by Deneco Productions 

Nicolai The Movie
Gaming short film
Shown at the Santa Barbara Film Festival

White Day Rhythm Wedding
Produced by Deneco Productions 

First Date [link]
Brooks Film
Actors provided by Deneco Productions 

Tsunami Comedy Night
Some comics provided by Deneco Productions 

First and Ten
Independent Film
Winner of 5 Student Film Awards
Sound and Mixing Provided by Deneco Productions 

TV Pilot
Cast, Equipment, Sound, Provided by Deneco Productions 

Stage Showcase
Filming and Editing by Deneco Productions 

Ballad Of Blackbeard Lawler by Jeffrey Scott
Music Video
Directed by Aj DeNecochea IV
Shot at authentic historical preserve sites
Directed, Produced, Cast, Filmed, Edited by Deneco Productions 

Actors Promotional Movie Reel
For promotional use
Crew provided by Deneco Productions 

Jack Starter Up
Independent Film
Directed by Aj DeNecochea IV
Produced by Deneco Productions  

Independent Film
Directed by Matt O’Hanlon
Crew and Cast Provided by Deneco Productions 

Nicole and Matthew Wedding
Personal Collection
Filming and Editing provided by Deneco Productions

The Con
Independent Film
Directed by Drew Dale
Casting provided by Deneco Productions 

Church of the Damned
Student Film
Directed by Drew Dale
Crew and Extras provided by Deneco Productions