4 Dimensional Consulting

Like vultures to a dead animal, the international market of unemployed web developers are pecking at each other’s skulls over the last few scraps of the great .com boom the 90′s and early 2000′s had to offer.  Now like some twisted systematic highway, all the roads of the internet point to the few sources which harbor all of our traffic and free expression.  Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, these are the giants who’s backs we must ride on.  However, you are still stranded in a digital farmstead of ideas and content, and no matter how big the internet gets these crops still hold all value.  Content.  It is the answer to 99 out of 100 questions on how to get eyes on your site.
The last answer is to find a marketing solution that fits your content, and your site.   Because this battle for internet views is not over some corporate candy they shove down our throats…it is the search for originality that we seek online.

Let’s go over, for free, what a web marketing consultant will tell you your site needs:
::SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  What is it?  Why do you need it?  Don’t be afraid of this term.  It is literally a copy paste away from you.  Keywords are a cake-walk to find for your content.  It is more important that you be as specific about yourself as possible – because Google is who gives you your search views.  Let’s face it.  SEO is just for Google and lesser search engines to find you on.  Right now, irrelevant content is rampant, and your site will fall behind many others, because there are only so many short words in our languages.
But fear not.  We as people are so used to searching that now it is commonplace to be found by combinations of content and keywords that work with the trend of searches.  We are here to help you ride that trend
::Google Analytics is the other thing you’ll need.  Why?  Google Analytics will track your traffic and your viewed content to determine where your strengths and weaknesses are.  You can track keywords that were searched to find you.  You can see nice fancy graphs of all this.  What does it cost you to install?  Should be free, since that is just like SEO…it’s copy paste.
::Adsense is the final tip that might be suggested to you.  Google Adsense is a way to earn revenue on your site from generated ads that try and find relevant links from your content.  So if you write about Blue Whales, you’ll see relevant links to more information or product.  How do you install this?  It is, again, a copy paste.
And would you believe all this is free for you and simply requires a gmail account?

If you can do this yourself then I just saved you 500 bucks.  If not, then know just how easy it is to make the site you want – and how affordable it really is.  Who else will consult you about the consulters?

4 Dimensional Consulting offers a more creative approach to the social networking riddle.  How do you attract people away from the internet freeways and onto the beaten paths, driving out to find your site?  What does your homemade piece of the pie taste like, and will they want more?  Will they value it enough to even comment on it, or sign up for more?
The answer is completley psycological, and inside yourself.  If you can answer the “what would make me come back?” question then you’ve probably answered the question of thousands more like you, that share your same interest.

In the grid of personal avatars and digital selfs, where the false leaders are ignored, and the people are stuffing their faces with immaturity, and the occasional bit of relatable truth; true wisdom will arrive, and it will have something to say about you if you build on the people’s property – which is absolutely electric. -Aj DeNecochea IV